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  This is my Outsiders Essay:

             Bravery is when someone helps someone elseor something in a scary or frightening situation. He or she does something specialfor someone. She or he can rescue people from a fire, stand up for someone whois in need, or climb up a tree to save a kitten. People who are brave are likeMr. Incredible who helps save cities and his family.  Johnny, in the book the TheOutsiders by S.E. Hinton, has bravery.


            Johnnyhas bravery when he tells Pony boy to stay gold. He is lying in the bed becausehe has been burned really badly in a fire, while Ponyboy is trying to savechildren. Ponyboy is in the room , and Johnny is lying on the bed. Johnny looksat Ponyboy and tells him, “Stay gold, Ponyboy stay gold”,(pg.148). He tells himthis because Ponyboy had told him a poem called “Nothing Can Stay Gold” by RobertFrost He is brave there because he saves the kids lives but scarifies his own.

            whenJohnny saves the kids from the fire, he shows bravery.

Johnny and Ponyboy where hiding in an old abandon church.They left for lunch. When they came back and the church was on fire, a schoolbus  children, and parents aregathered around it. They run up to the parents and started talking to a man. Awomen runs up and

tells the man that some of the kids are missing. The parentthinks the kids are playing on the hill, but the other parents tell her thatshe already looked there. Then they all hear screaming from the burningbuilding. Johnny and Ponyboy jump in the burning building. Then Ponyboy andJohnny find the kids and Johnny tells them ,“we’re go’ in to get you out!”(pg.92).Here Johnny shows bravery because he is going to get the kids out of theburning building.


            Theway Johnny shows bravery is how he kills the Soc. Johnny and Ponyboy are at thepark at two in the morning. They see the Soc’s blue mustang , and they knowthere is going to be trouble.  Thesoc’s start to drown Ponyboy in the fountain near by. Johnny see’s that Ponyboyis drowning , and can’t catch his breath. Johnny picks up and blade next to himand kills one of the soc’s. Ponyboy wakes up and asks Johnny if he killed one.“Yeah”… “I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have killed you.And they had a blade. They were gonna beat me up…”, Johnny says (pg.57). Johnnyis brave because he saves Ponyboy’s life.

            Johnnyin the book The Outsiders is brave. He is brave because he saves childrenin a fire, when he kills a Socs ,and when he tells Ponyboy to stay gold. Johnnyis brave because he saves Ponyboy’s life. If Johnny hadn’t been there and savedponyboy from the socs ponyboy probably wouldn’t have lived. I was brave when Irode a Ferris wheel because I am scared of heights. Because of this ,I haveshown  myself that heights aren’tso scary, and I can conquer my fears.

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