arianna's e-portfolio
This is my Mandala. In my mandala is my dog at the top. His name is Oliver. I put him in there because he is very special to me. I Also put a horse because I was a horse back rider for a long time. I put Grammys on the side in yellow because I am going  to the Grammy award show. The lady bug is there for my best friend Lydia. I have been best friends with her for ten years and her nick name is Lydiebug. I have a pool and a mermaid tail because when I was little  me and Lydia would play mermaids in her pool. The trampoline is there because I love to play on it and have a had good memories on it. The writing in black is my Tiffany & Co. ring that I got for my 13th birthday and I love it. The key in purple represents a close family friends and their last name is Keyes. The American Idol sign is there because it is a show that my Dad and I watch together and he has took me to the show three times.

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