arianna's e-portfolio
Hi, I am excited for this webpage. I am in 7th Grade I am also a sister to Isabella, I have two dogs, I love American Idol, I like to play soccer it is one of my favorite sports, and I like to hang out with friends and go shopping. Playing on the beach and playing tag are two things I like to do. I have one miniature horse who is super cute! I have two ducks who chase me and try to bite me but love my sister. I have a cat she’s all black with one white dot on her chest and her name is lulu. There are about ten fish that I have in a fish tank at home all fresh water angel fish and one cat fish named “spot.” I like alot  of types of music. I also like fashion.

        Favorite Books  
    Dairy of a wimpy kid
The Giving Tree
              The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

                Favorite Music
      Only Girl in the World
            Follow Me 
     We Will Be Alright
       Raise Your Glass                                  
           Justin Bieber 

                                                          Adam Lambert                                                      
                                                        Black Eyed Peas


           Favorite Movies
   Lengend Of The Guardians 
           The Incredibles 
      Devil Wears Prada                  
            Bride Wars
           Toy Story